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Peer reviewed journal articles
Morris, B.S., Chrysochou, P., Mitkidis, P., Christensen, J.D., Orquin, J.L., Barraza, J., Zak, P.J. (2019) Stories vs. Facts: Triggering Emotion and Action-Taking On Climate Change. Climatic Change

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Graham, D.J., Orquin, J.L., & Visschers, V.H. (2012). Eye tracking and nutrition label use: A review of the literature and recommendations for label enhancement. Food Policy, 37(4), 378-382.

Peer reviewed monographies
Orquin, J.L. (2011) Attention, Motivation, and Consumer Judgment: Toward Understanding Consumer Reactions to Food Labels and Stimuli. Department of Marketing and Statistics, Handelshøjskolen, Aarhus Universitet; Nr. 2011:18

Peer reviewed proceedings
Orquin, J.L., & Scholderer, J. (2011). Attention to health cues on product packages. Journal of Eye Tracking, Visual Cognition and Emotion, (1).

Orquin, J.L., Scholderer, J., & Jeppesen, H. (2012). What you see is what you buy: How saliency and surface size of packaging elements affect attention and choice. Society for Advancement of Behavioural Economics.

Peer reviewed book chapters
Orquin, J.L. (2017) Manipuler af markedsføring? Book chapter in Adfærdsdesign. Eds. Jensen, N.H., Lieberoth, A. Plurafutura.

Schulte-Mecklenbeck, M., Fiedler, S., Renkewitz, F., Orquin, J.L. (Forthcoming) Reporting standards in eye tracking research. In Handbook of Process Tracing Methods. (Eds.) Schulte-Mecklenbeck, M., Kühberger, A., Johnson. J. Routledge.

Orquin, J.L., Holmqvist, K. (Forthcoming) A best practice guideline for eye tracking research. In Handbook of Process Tracing Methods. (Eds.) Schulte-Mecklenbeck, M., Kühberger, A., Johnson. J. Routledge.

Other peer reviewed publications
Orquin, J.L., Lahm, E., Redere, L., Bagger, P.B., Tsalis, G., Grunert, K.G. (2016) Forbrugeradfærd ved valg af Nøglehulsmærkede produkter i detailhandlen. Report to the Danish Ministry of Food and Agriculture.